In 2018 we celebrated 10 years as a Fairtrade Borough.




Who are we?

We are Gosport Fairtrade Action (GFA), a group of volunteers, meeting regularly since 2006 to promote Fairtrade in Gosport. Our members come from a range of voluntary organisations, schools, youth organisations, businesses, various political parties and religious groups. We work closely with Gosport Borough Council to meet the Five Goals needed to achieve Fairtrade Borough Status. We did this first in January 2008 and have renewed that status regularly since.

Our most recent renewal of Fairtrade status was in 2019 and we are due to apply again in 2021




Our aims

are to raise awareness of Fairtrade, encourage more people to use Fairtrade goods, and more retailers and catering establishments to sell them. We seek to promote Fairtrade in community organisations and workplaces of the borough.

Our Mission

We are committed to raising awareness in our fellow community members that every pound we spend is a powerful decision, with ramifications that echo across continents, countries, and communities and that choosing Fairtrade products enables producers to provide for their families, develop their communities and safeguard the environment by helping them to adapt to climate change and farm their land sustainably.




What we do:

GFA aims to promote Fairtrade to all sectors of the community in Gosport by:

  • publishing a Directory of retailers and cafes, pubs and restaurants where you can buy Fairtrade products;
  • taking part in local events selling Traidcraft and Fairtrade products; offering tastings to introduce Fairtrade products to new audiences and offering fun ways of finding out more about Fairtrade;
  • working with groups in Gosport to explain the benefits of Fairtrade and how people can become more involved in:

 GFA can offer locally produced resources for exhibitions and/or talks with PowerPoint presentations, customised for your school, or organisation, on the following topics [phone 9258 2140]- if you don’t see what you want below phone and have a chat and we’ll see what can be done:


  • Introduction to Fairtrade
  • Fairtrade towns
  • Fairtrade churches
  • Fairtrade schools
  • Small scale tea growers in South India ( available here)
  • Fairtrade in the USA
  • Fairtrade in conflict zones
  • Fairtrade wine in South Africa
  • Fairtrade raisin and table grape production in Chile

Exhibitions on:

  • Fairtrade, environment & climate change
  • Fairtrade at work
  • Benefits of Fairtrade to Producers (We can include Informative posters on benefits of Fairtrade for producers of: tea (2: one about small holders in India; and one about an estate in Sri Lanka); coffee (women in Nicaragua); sugar in Costa Rica;  bananas in Dominica (Windward Islands);  cocoa in Sierra Leone;  raisins in South Africa;  Rooibos in South Africa; oranges in Cuba, olive products in Palestine, skincare products from shea butter grown in Ghana, Household cleaning products from palm oil grown by small-holders in Ghana; Fairtrade Gold and producers in Peru.
  • Fairtrade and women.

We would be delighted to welcome volunteers who could offer a few hours a month.

Recent Activities

To see what we have been doing visit our Recent Events in Gosport 2020 page here  or in 2019 here

or read our latest Newsletter (November 2019)

Available to BORROW are:

  • The Schools Fairtrade Banner (pictured below on display in the Discovery Centre and other Libraries over the summer of 2011,) and the Fairtrade Logo Collage(pictured right) are available for loan to schools who would like to use it for an assembly or as part of a programme of work or an event about Fairtrade.  Please contact us for availability.
Schools’ banner  in the Discovery Centre

Collage of Fairtrade logo
Collage of Fairtrade logo using Fairtrade packaging







  • Displays – About various aspects of Fairtrade:
    • benefits to the producers,
    • environment and climate change,
    • women,
    • Fairtrade at Work (for businesses)
    • conflict zones
  • Illustrated Presentations (PowerPoints or in pdf)
    • for schools,
    • churches/faith groups
    • voluntary oranisations
    • community groups
    • businesses

A Leaflet for Gosport

We are planning a new one

In February 2015 GFA published a leaflet, “Fairtrade in Gosport: where to buy and why it’s worthwhile”.  This included information about Fairtrade including messages from Fairtrade producers; ideas for getting your school, place of work, business and place of worship more involved with Fairtrade and information about retail outlets, cafes and B&Bs that offer Fairtrade products, based on our recent survey (see below).  A big thank you to the Southern Co-operative who sponsored this leaflet.

If you would like copies of the leaflet please contact us with your requirements.

Where you can buy Fairtrade products

Our members  completed in 2013 a survey of outlets, retail and catering, and our directory of places offering Fairtrade goods is published here.  We endeavour to update it regularly and would appreciate your help by letting us know if you notice any significant changes.  Do you know of a business or voluntary organisation or a cafe that is not listed in our Directory? Or a listed one that has closed or no longer offers Fairtrade products?  If so, please let us know.  We’d love to here from you.

Gosport Fairtrade Action Newletters

have illustrated news of what has been happening. 

GFA newsletter -Illustrated Highlights-2016-17  – covers June 2016 -October 2017

GFA News Aug 2016 reviews the 12 months to May 2016

No 9 (July 2013) reviews the 12 months to July 2013

N0 8 (July 2012) reviews the 12 months to July 2012

No 7 for March 2012 reports on Fairtrade Fortnight.

No 6 (June 2011) reviews the year to May 2011.

If you would like to receive further Newsletters or if you would like to be involved in any way with Gosport Fairtrade Action, please contact us



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