Events and Activities in Gosport 2022

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GFA Steering Group and Planning meetings

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The Christian Aid Quiz – (28 May 2022)

Christian Aid Quiz Certificate

Bridgemary Methodist Church holds an annual Quiz in Christian Aid Week to raise funds for Christian Aid. Gosport Fairtrade Action regularly enters a team and contributes a prize of Fairtrade products for the raffle. Our teams have often enjoyed a high level of success. In 2022, the Quiz was held again for the first time since lockdown and our team, The Fair Traders, won again. Congratulations to: Tessa Bloodworth, Sheila Smith, Jane Staffieri, Tricia Stevenson and Mark Vernon.

FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT 21 February to 6 March 2022

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In 2022 The Fairtrade Foundation ran its online Choose the World you Want Festival from 21 February to 6 March.

The 2021 festival saw campaigners, shoppers, students and businesses come together in a show of support for the farmers behind our food on the front line of the climate crisis. From online panels to bake-offs and coffee mornings over 100 events took place up and down the UK, explaining about the power of Fairtrade and what needs to happen next to ensure farmers and workers are put front and centre of conversations on how to tackle the climate crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us more than ever how interconnected we are globally. This interconnection is at the very heart of the Fairtrade message and is where your role begins. You are part of the Fairtrade movement, and you have the power to drive long-term change, not only with your shopping choices but with your support in spreading the message.

Since Fairtrade Fortnight 2021, we have seen the G7 and COP26 take place. Over 33,000 campaigners joined 1.8m Fairtrade farmers and workers in backing the Be Fair With Your Climate Promise challenge to world leaders at the UN COP26 summit. But frustration came as the wealthiest nations failed to recognise the urgent need to invest in farmer expertise by delaying their promised $100bn annual funding to the most climate vulnerable countries until 2023. That isn’t good enough.

In Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 we stressed farmers’ needs more firmly and clearly than ever to make sure politicians turn their promises into action at COP27 in Cairo next year. The failure to deliver enough progress at COP26 makes it even more important that governments get serious next year. We also need businesses to support Fairtrade more than ever. (More from the Fairtrade Foundation website here.)

How much do you really know about Chocolate?

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Fairtrade Fortnight in Gosport : Events and Activities

GFA engaged in a variety of activities for Gosport – from a drop-in community coffee morning at Privett Park Cricket Club and providing materials for Schools and Churches, to displays and chats to supermarket shoppers about how they, by choosing Fairtrade, can help Fairtrade Producers tackle climate change.

21 February – 4 March 2022 – FAIRTRADE AND CLIMATE CHANGE an exhibition

opened at 11.00 am on Monday 21 February by the Mayor and the Chair of the GBC Climate Board.

5people standing in front of aexhibition panels
From the left: Cllr. Zoe Huggins, Chair of the Gosport Climate Change Board; Mark Smith, GFA’s Chair; Sarah Hirom, GFA’s Coordinator; Cllr. Mark Hook, Mayor of Gosport; Jane Staffieri, GFA’s representative on the Gosport Climate Change Partnership Steering Committee.
Photo – John Millard, GBC

If you would like to display this exhibition please contact us

Tuesday, 22 February 2022 – talking to shoppers about “How choosing Fairtrade can help tackle climate change”

Venue: Waitrose, Gosport (10 – 12.30) – this was a joint activity: GFA with GFFOE (Gosport and Fareham Friends Of the Earth)

Ready to talk to shoppers at Waitrose – (photo – Anne Stephenson, GFFOE.)

3 people by a table with posters an products
GFA and GFFOE, volunteers at Palmyra Rd. Co-op offering chocolate tasting and information to shoppers (photo: Mark Smith)

Monday, February 28th 2022 – talking to shoppers about “How choosing Fairtrade can help tackle climate change”

Venue: Southern COOP, Palmyra Road, Elson (10 a.m. – 12 noon). – this was a joint activity: GFA with GFFOE (Gosport and Fareham Friends Of the Earth) (right)

Co-op customer, Jackie Westerby (left) chats to GFA Volunteer, about the Co-op’s new Fairtrade tomatoes and grapes.
(photo: Mark Smith))


Venue: Southern Coop, Lee on the Solent. ( 3 p.m. – 4 p.m.) – a joint activity: GFA with GFFOE (Gosport and Fareham Friends Of the Earth) (left)




Thursday, March 3rd 2022 – talking to shoppers about “How choosing Fairtrade can help tackle climate change”

Venue: Tesco, Alver Village Square (10 – 12.30). – this was a joint activity: GFA with GFFOE (Gosport and Fareham Friends Of the Earth)

4 people with a display
GFA and GFFOE volunteers at Tesco



Thursday, March 3rd. 2022, 19.00 – 20.30. SE Hants Area Zoom event: “Follow on to COP27 Towards Climate Justice”

Local Fairtrade groups explored how support for farmers on the frontline in the climate crisis can drive action for climate justice. Sarah Brazier, Campaign Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation, explained how rich countries had failed to help or deliver on their promises and the changes we would like to see in the lead up to COP27 in Egypt in the Autumn. In particular she emphasised the need to begin a dialogue with our MPs to press for details about how the support would be delivered to ensure that it reached those who need it.

Friday, March 4th, 2022, 10 – 12 noon, Climate Café. **

Drop in to enjoy Fairtrade products and activities. Join in the discussion about how you can help address the challenges of climate change by choosing Fairtrade.

Venue: Privett’s Pavilion, Privett Park, Privett Road, Gosport PO12 3EU

Hosted by: Gosport Borough Cricket Club, this was the first of a series of 10 Community Café events focussing on Food and Climate Change issues run by Incredible Edible Gosport and Love Outdoors CIC with the support of Abri.  

In the 4th March session, Gosport Fairtrade Action provided a Fairtrade focus, with information (display, short videos and opportunities for discussion); Fairtrade coffee, tea and chocolate tastings, quizzes and games and, of course, Fairtrade refreshments. The Co-op provided a Hamper of Fairtrade goodies for a free raffle.

Friday, March 4th, 2022, 2.15 p.m., at Alverstoke Junior School.

Mark Smith, Chair of GFA, was one of three judges attending an assembly celebrating the pupils work on Fairtrade. He helped to present the certificates and prizes to the winning entries He said “ All of us judges really enjoyed being part of the celebration of the pupils’ work. There are some creative children there!

Here are a few examples:

Alverstoke Junior is currently a “Fair Aware” School


Find more Fairtrade Fortnight events in SE Hampshire on the Campaign Exchange Website

If you’d like to join in with the planning, or have ideas you’d like us consider, please contact us – Dates of meetings will be published on the GFA Steering Group and Planning meetings page (here)

If your organisation would like help (people or material resources) to help celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, please contact us


The call from Fairtrade Farmers and Workers

Farmers and workers challenged leaders at COP26 to invest in the expertise of their communities, who see the realities of the climate crisis every day. They are demanding that the wealthiest countries start being honest about their own carbon footprints, and work together to create trade deals and laws that encourage investment in the sustainable solutions many Fairtrade farmers are already pioneering.

Fairtrade farmers and workers know that if we don’t speak out now, it will be too late. They sent a letter to World Leaders coming to the COP explaining their situation and asking for action ( see the letter here )

Please act now and join Fairtrade farmers’ call for a fair climate promise:

Please also ask our MP, Caroline Dinenage, to back the call. k


The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us more than ever how interconnected we are globally. This interconnection is at the very heart of the Fairtrade message and is where our role begins. We are part of the Fairtrade movement and we have the power to drive long term change not only with our shopping choices but with our support in spreading the message.

The focus is on climate change and how Fairtrade producers with a living wage are able to adapt to climate change and care for their environment better with Fairtrade prices and the Fairtrade Premium. (see the Environment page on this website get more information about Fairtrade and the Environment from the Fairtrade Foundation website)


  • Tell your friends and family and share these events and artworks with them.
  • Use social media resources to spread the word online and add more voices to the fight. More online Fortnight resources are in the Fairtrade Foundation revamped Resources Library. Go to Resources Library
  • Read stories and watch videos about farmers affected by climate change. here


In 2022, we’ll be encouraging and helping schools to teach and learn about the climate crisis and how it affects farmers in different parts of the world. During Fairtrade Fortnight, young people were able to explore how better incomes can help farmers to cope with these challenges. Farmers in the global south have contributed the least to the climate crisis but are already feeling the impacts the hardest.

‘Climate, Fairtrade and You’ Education Packs have been produced for teachers and educators to discuss how the climate crisis affects farmers and workers overseas. Through assemblies (designed with social distancing in mind!), lesson plans and activities, young people have the opportunity to discover how their choices can impact people around the world, but also the planet that we live on. 

 Visit the Fairtrade Schools site to download your Education Pack for Early Years, Primary schools or Secondary schools.

Resources for you

We invite Schools, Churches and Community Groups to organise Fairtrade events for which we can provide presentations on-line – and, in normal times, with live speakers, videos, displays and more.

See the range of resources on our RESOURCES Page here

Requests welcome any time

Do you have an event coming up in Gosport where you’d like a stall or display or a presentation about Fairtrade? If so please contact us in good time and we’ll do our best to help.

If you would like a speaker to give a talk about Fairtrade, or would like to talk to us about arranging an event, contact us to arrange a date.

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