What is Fairtrade?

Farmers and plantation workers who produce crops like tea, coffee, cocoa and fruit are among the poorest people in the world and often exploited. Fairtrade aims to change that. The Fairtrade Mark o1_markcol-09n a product guarantees that the producer has been paid a fair price plus a small extra premium for projects in the community. The Mark is an independent consumer label which shows that international standards have been reached.  [more about the Mark….]

Simply by making a choice to buy Fairtrade products you can make a real difference to the lives of people across the world. Fairtrade is not charity or aid, it is simply about empowering communities to build their own successful futures. [more about Fairtrade …] 

Teapicker in South India



At the heart of the Fairtrade system are the farmers and workers who are members of Fairtrade certified producer organisations. Ranging in size from small co-operatives to large plantations and scattered over Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, they supply the UK market with Fairtrade certified products.  [more about Farmers and Workers … ]

The Fairtrade Foundation has made some excellent short videos interviewing the farmers. Hear their stories – here

Fairtrade is focussing particularly on empowering women to enable them to play a greater role in their co-operatives and earn a better income (more about the living incomes programme – here)

(see the video “She deserves Fairtrade” – here)


 A wide and increasing range of Fairtrade goods are available in a growing number of retail outlets in the area.  (all the major supermarkets stock some and some local stores and catering outlets)

There are now well over 4,500 different products. From the familiar products like tea, coffee, chocolate and bananas, the range now extends to a wide variety of fresh fruit and juices, wine and nuts, spices, cakes and biscuits, flowers, gold, cotton products and even footballs.

[more about the Products] 


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